Top 10 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Lawton Christian School Secondary
10)          Academic excellence: Graduates of LCS enter colleges and universities fully equipped to meet the challenges of the classroom.
9)            RenWeb: Parents and students are able to continually monitor academic progress via the internet.
8)            Co-curricular activities: Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide array of activities designed to enhance their physical and social development.
7)            Camaraderie: Students have the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with students who share similar goals and values.
6)            Leadership: Upperclassmen are mentored in their development of leadership skills through active involvement in community service projects and leadership in the student body.
5)            Spiritual and moral training: Students learn foundational principles of the Christian faith and how to incorporate them into daily living.
4)            Science and math: Graduates leave LCS with a well-developed background in math and science including extensive laboratory experience.
3)            Scholastic planning: Students and their families receive individualized attention as they prepare for their academic future.
2)            Individual attention: LCS provides a low student-teacher ratio to assist in meeting each individual student’s unique needs.
1)            Scholarships: 85% of LCS graduates receive scholarships to pursue their college studies.
How to enroll: To find out more about Lawton Christian Secondary, or to schedule a visit to our campus, or to begin the enrollment process call (580)536-6885.