AP Courses


While LCS does not offer AP Classes as such, our courses are advanced in the high school. Students don’t have to take an “AP” course to be eligible to take the AP test. LCS students have taken AP tests and passed the exams even though we don’t offer the regular AP courses.  A study guide is available online for any of the AP tests. The tests are administered in May at a cost of $91.00 per test.  In an U.S. News & World Report article, of all the students in the nation who took an AP test in May of 2014 only 1 in 8 received a passing score on any exam.

We have found that our curriculum is both engaging to students and rigorous.    While BJU Press curriculum exceeds the federal standards for the concepts to be taught, it also gives the teacher the opportunity to integrate biblical precepts with a distinct Christian Worldview.  It is important to note that our graduates continually tell us that they are well-prepared for college.  Around 84% of our graduates receive scholarships each year.  Our students have been accepted by Ivy League universities, all three of the major military academies, and many other prestigious colleges throughout the nation.


 While attending LCS, students may also attend Great Plains Technical School during their junior and senior years.  Those wishing to attend the tech school take 4 courses at our campus, and 3 courses at the tech school in the afternoon. If a student is enrolled in the tech school’s Bio-Medical or the Pre-engineering programs, they may enroll in AP Math and AP Science programs.


 Students also have the opportunity to take concurrent classes at Cameron University.  Concurrent classes are offered to students in their junior year who have a 23 composite score on the ACT or 3.5 GPA and for seniors who have a composite score of 20 on the ACT or 3.0 GPA.Our graduates consistently perform better on ACT and SAT scores than do the students in the area public schools.  Most of our students are able to receive college credits by their college of choice for ACT scores of 28 or better in English and math thereby enabling them to take a higher-level English Composition and/or higher-level math course.