Lawton Christian is blessed to have Mr. Calaway as our STEM Coordinator. He has won many national honors such as the National Science Teacher of the Year Award, National Science Foundation Presidential Award for Excellence for his teaching in Math and Science, and RadioShack National Teacher Award for Outstanding Teacher  “Rewarding academic Excellence in Mathematics, Science, and Technology.”

Mr. Calaway has put together outstanding STEM programs for our students, including his award winning Marine Biology Summer Escape trip to the Gulf Coast for which he was honored with the coveted National Science Teacher of the Year Award.  This past year our students have studied ecology by going to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge to map out the population of different species of plants using statistical mathematics and standard deviations.  During Spring Break, our students went on an amazing Paleontology and Archeology Trip to West Texas.  Using drones and GoPro cameras, the students were able to find and unearth a large knee bone of a Mastodon.  There is no better way to give students a love for learning than to give them the opportunity to use their science, technology, math, and engineering skills (STEM)  on these amazing hands-on field trips.