Preschool Music Program

"Music in Motion" is our motto for our 5 and under crowd.  Through song and rythym, we build valuable listening and social skills.  Music choices are geared towards following directions, cooperating with others, and plain old having fun!


Elementary Music Program

Opportunities abound in our Elementary music program!  Students are introduced to a variety of music, from folk music to classical, Christian worship to seasonal selections.  They are exposed to basic music theory and given the opportunity to explore their musical talents by playing handbells and recorders. In addition to our standard music classes, we offer a beginning band class for our 5th & 6th graders.  All of our students' hard work and talent is showcased in our yearly Christmas and Spring programs.


Chapel Crusaders

Chapel Crusaders are a dynamic group composed of our 5th & 6th graders who work together to prepare entire chapel presentations and then perform them during the year for our primary school students. This program builds creativity, teamwork, and confidence in our students, and it's all done as unto HIM! 


Secondary Music Program


Intermediate Band and Advanced Band

We are blessed to have Mr. Joel Haas and Mrs. Susan Haas as our outstanding band directors.  The Haas’s have spent 35 years teaching band.  Their experience, creativity, and talent have helped our students to go on to win first place in the Oklahoma Music Educators Association state-wide band contests. Several of our students are named every year to the Southwest All-Region Honor Band. Come and listen to the students perform in our Christmas and Spring Concerts.  You will be blessed!


Vocal Music Program

Mr. Mark Kosechequetah is our talented and dedicated secondary music director.  Mr. Kosechequetah has a passion for music and a flair for the dramatic.  Our Choir and Frontline! students compete in area competitions and entertain us with special presentations throughout the year.  Many of our students receive a Superior Rating in the district competition and are then eligible to go on to the state competition to again be honored with a Superior Rating. 

Our FRONTLINE! show choir competes in competitions, along with public schools, in both the state of Oklahoma and Texas.  In 2016, Frontline! competed in the Lone Star Showcase of Music contest in Dallas, Texas.  Not only did Frontline! receive the Outstanding in Class trophy, but they also received the Overall Outstanding trophy.