Directions to Rival Schools



Take I-44 east to the last free exit, which is the Elgin/Apache exit (US 281/62).  Go north

to the 4-way stop in Apache (Evans Ave.).  Turn right on Evans and go 4 blocks east

Turn right on Pohleman and go 2 blocks south.  It is the large orange gymnasium.

(102 Pohleman Dr.)


Big Pasture

Take I-44 west until you arrive at the Randlett Exit.  After exiting on US 277/281, turn 

left andgo 2 miles east.  Turn left after the Feed Lot Restaurant on the first paved road 

(10th St.) and go north for 5 blocks.  The school will be on the right.  (1502 N. 10th St.)


Central High

Take Lee Blvd east. which becomes Hwy 7 east.  From 45th St. drive approx. 14 

miles.  Turn left at the corner that has a Centeral High School sign (7th St.).  Go north

1 mile.  Turn left onto Bronco Rd.  The school will be on the left.  (7th & Bronco Rd.)



Take 82nd St. south until it comes to a T intersection at Hwy 36.  Turn right

and go into Chattanooga.  Turn right at the Hop & Sack (Thompson Ave.)  School is.

located at 4th & Thompson.  (507 4th St.)


Community Christian

Take I-44 east to Norman . Merge onto H.E. Baily Spur toward Blanchard/Norman to

 I-35 N. (approx. 6 mi.) Exit on Tecumseh Rd. (exit 112).  Turn right (west).  Go approx. 

0.2 mi. then turn left onto Interstate Dr.  Go approx. 0.5 mi. then turn right onto Broce

Dr.  School is on the left . (3002 W. Broce Dr.)



Take Hwy 62 west to Hwy 183 south.  Go south until you reach Davidson about 

30-1/2 mi). Turn right onto Mesquite.  Go two blocks to Main Street.  (500 S. Main St.)


Family of Faith

Take I-44 to OKC.  Take I-240 east, merging onto I-40 east until you get to the 

Shawnee/Meeker exit (exit 186).  Turn leftt onto OK-18/N. Harrison St. Go approx. 5.5 miles. 

Family of Faith School is on the east side of the road.  (30 Kin Ville Rd.)



Take Hwy 62 west to Hwy 183 south.  Go south until you reach Frederick about 

17-1/2 mi). Turn left on OK-5/E. Gladstone.  Turn left onto 15th St.  School is on the

right. (315 N. 15th St.)


Friend School

Take I-44 east to the second Chickasha exit (exit 83).  At the stop sigh, turn right onto

Hwy 62 east.  Go approximately 2-1/2 to 3 miles until you reach Hwy 92.

Turn left, Friend School is one mile on your right.  (1307 CR 1350).



Take 82nd St. south to Hwy 36 (T- intersection).  Turn right.  Take Hwy 36

south through Chattanooga until you get to Grandfield.  Turn right on Hwy 70.

Stay on Hwy 70 until you see the Grandfield Bearcat sign.  Turn left on Stinson and 

go south two blocks to 3rd St.  School is at 811 W. 3rd St.


Liberty Academy

Take I-44 to OKC.  Take I-240 east exit and stay on it through town.  It will 

merge with I-40.  Stay on I-40 east until you get to the Shawnee/Meeker exit (exit 186).

Turn right onto OK-18/N. Harrison St.  Go approx. 2 mi. and turn right onto Federal St.

School is on the left.  (711 E. Federal St.)


Life Christian Academy

Take I-44 to OKC.  Take I-240 east toward Ft. Smith. Continue onto I-40 East.  Take exit

166 onto Choctaw Rd.  At the end of the road, turn right onto S. Choctaw Rd.  Destination

 (Bethel Church) is on the right.  Gym is in the back. 

(3254 N. Choctaw Rd.)


Mid-Del Christian

Take I-44 to OKC.  Take I-240 east exit and stay on it until you reach 

Sunnylane.  Turn left (north) until you reach SE 29th St.  Turn left and go

AKA Destiny Christ.

about 1/4 mile.  The Destiny Christian Center will be on the right side of the 

road.  The gym is located behind the church.



Take Hwy 62 west until you are approx. 7-8 miles east of Altus.  There will be

a green sign for Friendship/Navajo.  This will be CR 210.  Take this road

approx. 7 miles north.  The school will be on the left. (15696 S. CR 210)



Take Hwy 62 west through Altlus.  When you get to Hwy 6, there will be a 

sign for Olustee.  Turn left onto OK-34/CR South 191/N 1910 Rd.).  Go approximately 

10 miles to OK-6/OK-5. Follow OK-6 to 'I" St. Approx. 8 miles. Turn right onto "I" St.

Turn left onto 6th St.  School is on the left.  (606 E. 6th St.)



Take I-44 east to the Chickasha/Duncan exit (exit 80).  Exit onto Hwy 81 in

Chickasha and go north (right) to Grand Ave. (2nd light).  Turn left onto Grand

Ave. and go approx. 2 miles to a 4-way stop.  Turn left at the 4-way stop (Hwy 92) and

go approx. 6 miles through Norge.  Pioneer will be on the right side of the road.



Take I-44 east to the second Chickasha exit (exit 83).  Turn left onto US 62, travel through

Chickasha toward Anadarko.  Turn right onto US 281.  Turn left onto Riverside Dr.

This is Riverside Indian School Reservation.  (101 Riverside Dr.)



Take Hwy 62 west and get off on the Snyder Exit (exit 183).  Follow the road

approx. 3 miles north until you get to town.  Turn right onto 9th St.  School is on the

 left side of the road.  (515 9th St.)


Southwest Christian

Take I-44 east toward Moore.  Exit at SW 134th St./OK-37 (exit 110).  Turn right

and continue past Santa Fe Ave.  This becomes 4th St.  School is on the left.  

Academy.  (1005 SW 4th St., Ste. A)




Take Hwy 7 east to Pumpkin Center.  Turn left on Hwy 65.  When you arrive

in Sterling, turn right at the first intersection (Main St).  Go two blocks and turn right.



S. Tiger Street dead ends into Sterling High School.  (400 S. Tiger St.)

Take Hwy 62 west to the Frederick/Snyder Exit (Hwy 183).  Take Hwy 183 south approximately

9 1/2 miles to Hwy 5C (Tipton).  Take Hwy 5C west to Broadway Ave. (flashing red light)  

Turn left on Broadway Ave. Gym is on the left.  (1000 South Broadway Avenue)